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 Grinding  Lasers

 Adams Technologies Inc. -- Manufactures steel rule processing equipment. Includes units for cutting, notching, and bending lengths of steel rule, as well as diecutting and diemaking software.
 ALLtra Corp -- CNC gantry cutting machinery and equipment for metal sheet or plate materials. Also, used machinery and repair services.
 American Hotwire Machines -- Features computerized foamcutters for small shops or industrial use.
 Aqua Plasma Inc. -- Company supplies water table used within plasma cutting, including self cleaning tables.
 ATMCO LLC -- Manufactures special purpose bench tool for cutting and trimming DIN rail used in electronic panels.
 Automated Stone Cutting Machinery -- Manufacture and sell a range of stone cutting machinery including sawing and splitting machines, as well as profiling saws throughout the world.
 Axxair S.A. -- France. Manufacturers of portable orbital tube and pipe cutting machines and accessories. Sites includes photos and technical information of each model.
 Bala Exports, Ltd. -- India. Manufacturer and exporter of cutting and polishing machines. Including block and split cutters, and various polishers for granite, marble and other stone.
 Battista Macchine -- Italy. Specializes in selling second-hand and reconditioned equipment for processing marble and granite. Includes machines for cutting, polishing, bevelling, and chamfering. Site incorporates database of current inventory.
 Beijing Kingdee Resources & Technology Development Corp. -- Engaged in superhard abrasive products, metal and nonmetal products, SiC products, mining equipments, and related services.
 Beka-Mak -- Turkey. Manufactures broad range of horizontal hacksaws and bandsaws, including manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic models. Site provides detailed product information.
 Brookside Equipment -- UK. Manufactures hand operated, bench end, and table guillotines. Applications include picture-framing, printing, sign-making, graphic-design, and educational industries.
 Castellanos y Echevarria-Vitoria, S.A. -- Spain. Manufactures selection of specialized bevelling machines and related accessories. Site provides detailed product information.
 Cengar Universal Tool Company -- UK: Specialized portable air powered and pneumatic saws for crash rescue or industrial applications.
 Cevisa Bevelling International Inc. -- Manufactures range of plate, pipe, and sheet metal bevelling, chamfering, flanging, and cutting equipment. Site provides detailed product information.
 Chaland -- France. Manufactures circular saw blades, benches, and related accessories. Applications include ferrous and non-ferrous metals, stone, glass, composites, plastics, wood, and paper. Also provides operator training programs.
 Champion Glass Machinery Co., Ltd. -- China. Manufacturer of computer-aided glass straight line shape edging, bevelling, and, grinding machines. Site in English and Chinese.
 Chun Jei Machinery Works Co., Ltd -- Taiwan. Offers information on this firm's range of saws including automatic and hydraulic units.
 CobraFab Industries Inc. -- Canada. Manufactures selection of vertical and horizontal metal cutting miter bandsaws. Site provides details of available models.
 Contractors Direct -- Site for online purchase of tile, marble, and masonry tools and accessories. Selection includes saws, blades, drills, acsessories, and protective clothing items.
 Controlled Automation Inc. -- Manufactures standard, plasma, and laser shape cutting and metal fabricatiion equipment, as well as plate punches and saw measurement systems.
 Cosen -- Manufactures horizontal and vertical bandsaws.
 CROMA North America -- Specializes in manufacture and supply of hot wire equipment and tools for cutting expanded polystyrene foam. Comprehensive site provides detailed product, application, and technical background information.
 Cutting Systems, Inc. -- Specializes in remanufacturing cutting machines for the steel industry with incorporation of new components. Replaced parts include torch holders, motor/gearboxes, operator control consoles, bearings, hoses, and cables.
 DACC Industries Inc. -- Manufacturers of special purpose plasma shape cutting machines, available in range of standard and custom sizes. Site incorporates detailed information about product design and features.
 Dake Presses and Saws -- Offering cold saws, automatic coldsaws, vertical and horizontal bandsaws, arbor presses, hydraulic presses and bench presses. Division of JSJ Corporation.
 Dama Electric Machinery Co. Ltd. -- Taiwan. Manufactures selection of conventional and CNC machines for flame, plasma, and photo tracer cutting, plus two-spindle and regular drilling machines.
 Diahon Werkzeuge GmbH -- Germany. Manufacturers of honing tools for original machinery. Also, rebuild and repair services. English, German and French.
 Disco Hi-Tec Pte., Ltd -- Singapore. Precision cutting, grinding and polishing tools and equipment.
 DoALL Company -- Supplies sawing products and industrial supplies. Supplies brand-name manufacturers.
 Draht und Metallbau GmbH -- Germany. Manufactures diamond wire cutting and grinding machines and wires. Site provides detailed explanation of products and applications.
 Dynacut Inc. -- Manufactures diamond/abrasive saws and custom cut-off systems for hard to cut materials, such as ceramics, glass, and carbide materials. Site provides product details and offers custom fixturing, design, and consultation services.
 Easy Bender Europe Ltd. -- Provides automation equipment including the EasyBender and EasyCutter to cutting for manufacturers throughout Europe.
 Ebor Equipment Ltd. -- UK. Manufactures specialized processing equipment for the glass and stone industries, including cutting, drilling, sawing, and waterjet tools.
 EPS Products -- Manufacturer of foam cutting machinery.
 ESAB Cutting Systems -- Manufactures, services, and provides training for broad range of cutting machinery. Includes plasma, waterjet, laser, flame control, gantry, and stone cutting units. Site provides detailed product and application information.
 Feal Progetti E Servizi S.a.s. -- Italy. Produces range of metalforming equipment and accessories. Includes benders, cutters, and mobile handling units. Particular application is the building trades.
 FEMAK s.r.l. -- Italy. Manufactures equipment for cutting and glazing tiles. Site provides details of available products.
 Focus Foam Cutting Systems GmBH. -- Computer-aided cutting systems to cut polystyrene and other materials for applications in the sectors of decoration, construction of models, die making and mould making, 3D machines, and accessories.
 Fraccaroli & Bazan s.r.l. -- Italy. Manufactures marble, granite, and stone processing equipment. Includes cutting, slab drying, flaming, bush hammering, strip restoring, and splitting machines. Also produces wastewater treatment and mud dehydration plants.
 Glaves Corporation -- Manufactures pelletizer rotors, stationary knives, spares for polymer chip cutters. Servicing, stelliting, heat treatment. Also, precision engineering components, computerised gem stone calibration machines.
 Grand Saw & Machine -- Stocks and distributes sawing machines, saws, abrasives, and accessories, mainly for the metal cutting industry. Also offers saw sharpening and repair services.
 Gu Yu Machinery Co. Ltd. -- Taiwan. Builds and supplies slitting and cut-to-length lines for steel coil manufacturers. Site provides overview diagrams and identifies component machinery.
 H.E.& M. Inc. -- Specializes in manaufacture of bandsaws. Includes vertical, horizontal, dual column, wide flange, and plate saw models. Site provides detailed product and application information.
 Haedong Special Machinery Co., Ltd. -- Manufactures special cutting tools, gun reamer, burnishing drill and burnishing reamer, twist step drill, 3S drill, form tools.
 High Tech Stone -- Supplies machines and tools for the stone working industry.
 Hotwire Direct. -- Manufacturer of heavy duty computerized, jobsite portable and hand held foam cutting tools for all applications.
 HP Hansen -- Denmark. Mitre machinery, knives and accessories for the picture framing industry.
 Hyd-Mech Group Ltd. -- Manufactures broad range of manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic industrial metal cutting bandsaw machines. Site includes enquiry form for selecting most appropriate product.
 Indusco -- Maker of diecutting systems and Pieper carpet tile cutting dies as well as offering pads cut in nylon, polypropylene, rubber, and PVC.
 Industrial Tools, Incorporated -- Manufactures equipment for precision slicing, dicing, and slotting hard and sfot materials. Market includes semi conductor, electronics, and optics industries. Also supplies related diamond and carbide tools.
 InnerLogic, Inc -- Design and manufacture of fully automatic plasma cutting systems.
 Jematic, ApS. -- Danish manufacturer of corner rounding machines for small to large scale production. Industries include graphic, fish and packing.
 John Knoell & Son, Inc. -- Supplies art framing equipment; underpinners, ledsomesaws.
 Johnson's Original Cutting Guide -- Straight edge guide designed to make power saw cutting easier. Helps produce cuts with no chipping. Site provides illustration and explanation of use.
 Kaltenbach Inc. -- Manufactures broad range of heavy duty metal cutting equipment, especially for the structural fabricating industry. Includes circular cold saws, talk saws, bandsaws, and miter saws, as well as related handling equipment.
 Key Cutting Machines dot com -- Key cutting machines.
 Klingelhofer Corporation -- Specializes in manufacture of metal sawing and deburring equipment, saw blades, and spare machine parts. Services include repairs and overhauls of existing machinery.
 Machine Automation Plasma Systems -- New, used and rebuilt plasma cutting equipment, hydef plasmas and oxyfuel torch systems. Also, CO2 lasers, waterjets, CNC routers, CNC pipe and tube cutting, CNC drilling and tapping equipment.
 Mactech Europe -- UK. Rental specialists for clamshell pipe cutting and bevelling equipment, line boring machines and portable mills.
 Magnus Industries, Inc -- Manufactures broad range of wood and steel cutting drills and saw blades. Interested in appointing additional distributors.
 Matten Ltd. -- UK. Manufactures hand presses for cutting, punching, bending, cropping, and profiling sheet metal. Primarily supplied to laboratories, R&D companies, and educational and training institutions.
 Maximizer Technologies LLC -- Offers a range of sawing systems using CNC technology.
 Mep Sawing Machines -- Italy. Manufactures a broad range of circular and band saws. Including manual, semi-automatic and fully automated CNC machines for metal cutting. Site provides detailed information about products.
 Neolt USA -- Italian-made paper cutters and foam trimmers ranging from desktop and light to heavy and power driven models for industrial use.
 Newgate Simms -- Supplies Finn & Framm glassfibre chopping and sheet moulding compound equipment, spares.
 Ningbo Hot Spring Brush-Making Co. Ltd. -- China. Manufactures selection of industrial brushes, polishing and buffing wheels, and diamond cutting tools. Site includes online order form.
 Paddock Tool Co. -- Manufactures band saw guides that feature friction-free ball bearing wheels to support blades and prevent crystallization and breaking.
 Plasma Automation Inc. -- Makes the 'Vicon' plasma cutting machine. Distribes 'InteliCAD' HVAC AutoCAD software.
 Plasma Cutter Co. -- Acts as distributor of CNC plasma cutting equipment that uses basic PC format and hand held torches for cutting metal parts and shapes. Site describes features, includes Q&A section, and provides form for additional information.
 PlasmaCAM -- CNC plasma cutting system for producing intricate shapes in metal. Comprises cutting table and a hand torch that can be directed by software containing scanned images, computer fonts, and common drawing formats.
 Plasmatech (UK) Ltd -- Distributor for InnerLogic Inc., a US manufacturer of mechanised plasma cutting equipment and torch height controls
 Precix Advanced Cutting Technologies -- Canada. Manufactures broad range of equipment designed for routing, cutting, and engraving variety of metal, wood, and plastic materials. Site incorporates detailed product and application information.
 Pro-Technology Australasia -- Distributes selected range of equipment and software for routing, cutting, engraving, and printing graphic designed signs, posters, and point of sale materials. Can handle metal, wood, and plastic items.
 Profile Cutting Systems -- Profile cutting Systems is committed to providing excellence in the Sales, Design, Installation and Servicing of profile cutting machines
 Progressive Service Die Company -- Manufacturers sharp edge cutting dies for cutting non metallic goods and materials in two and three dimensions. Services the paper, plastics, automotive and heat sealing industries.
 Prosaw Ltd. -- UK. Suppliers of sawing machines for steel, alloy and non ferrous metals, and plastic materials. Range includes band, beam, cold, plate, structural, tube, and twin column models.
 PVC Formair Inc. -- Quebec. Manufactures computer assisted cutting and bending machinery for creating architectural shapes for pvc windows and doors. Choices include ellipses, triangles, ovals, hexagons, and arches.
 Rainer May GmbH -- Germany. Produces extensive range of specialized cutting and perforating blades for the printing and packaging industry, as well as a line of waterjet cutting equipment. Site provides detailed product information.
 Raleigh Machine Co. -- Manufacturers of cutting machinery, including waterjet, laser, routing, and plasma cutters. As well as positioning machines.
 Samco, Ltd. -- UK. Manufacturer of beam press cutting systems, used in a variety of industries. Including, automotive, plastics, packaging, woodworking and furniture, garment manufacture and textile, carpets and floor covering.
 Sawing Solutions Magazine -- Developments in the materials separation industry.
 Scheer Bay, Co. -- Offering a complete line of Strand Pelletizing Systems, Water Slide Pelletizer Systems and Self Threading Strand Pelletizer Systems. Sales, rebuilding, and maintenance for strandizers and cutters.
 Steelcraft Engineering. -- Australian manufacturer and distrubutor of CR Electronics products. Including 'Procut' optically tracing, cnc, oxy, plasma dependant profile cutters.
 Steele Machine Tool, Inc. -- Designs and builds band saws and other machinery. -- Germany. Specializes in sale and reconditioning of used equipment for cutting and polishing granite, marble, and sandstone.
 Streamline Automation -- Offers computerized hotwire foam cutters, routers, 3D scanners, and software for mold making.
 Sysco Machinery Co. Ltd. -- Taiwan. Manufactures wide range of special purpose hydraulic cutting, punching, and processing machinery. End products include credit and smart cards, envelopes, and paper, foam, and rubber components.
 Taeyeon Machinery Co., Ltd. -- Specialist production of rebar cutting and bending machines. -- Supplier of wall saw and handsaw, masonry and refractory, and tile and stone blades, as well as small diameter wheels, core bits, and drill rigs. All items available online.
 The Original Saw Company -- Manufactures radial arm saws for woodworking and nonferrous metal applications, as well as selection of accessory equipment. Site provides photos and details of product range.
 The Stuart Company -- Specializes in laser based production of cutting dies, primarily for the printing and folding carton industries. Also provides subcontracted cutting and finishing services.
 Thorvie International -- Saw blade and tool sharpening equipment and machines.
 Toolmen Corporation. -- Company specializes in the manufacture of semicustom and custom CNC machines for milling, drilling, routing, laser, waterjet, and composites cutting.
 Tri Technologies, Inc. -- Manufactures foam cutting and foam expanding equipment. Builds EPS hot wire cutters for contour shapes, band saw cutters, and EPP and EPE fast expanding equipment.
 Tri-Tool Inc. -- Specializes in portable equipment for processing tubing and pipes. Uses include severing, bevelling, cut off, squaring, deburring, and weld end preparation. Available in pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric powered versions.
 TRUMPF Gruesch AG -- Switzerland. Manufactures portable electric and pneumatic power tools for cutting, nibbling, punching, fastening, and bevelling sheet metal. Site includes links to worldwide distributors.
 Uni-Hydro -- Manufacturers of extensive range of heavy ironworking equipment. Capabilities include cutting, bending, punching, and notching. Materials include flat stock, round bars, and angle iron.
 Ventural Saw & Abrasive Company -- Distributes cold saw machines in manual and automated configurations for ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Also sells blades for most saw machines and offers sharpening, retoothing, repair, and part replacement services.
 Vytek Industrial Systems -- Features CNC routers, laser, and water-jet cutting machines made by this firm.
 W. J. Savage Co. -- Manufactures wide selection of spindle saws for cutting variety of ferrous and non ferrous bars, tubes, plates, and formed shapes. Site provides detailed product and application information.
 Wintech International -- Australia. Manufactures variety of computer controlled machines for cutting and profiling rigid and flexible foam. Site incorporates detailed description of available models and relevant applications.
 Wisconsin Automated Machinery Corporation. -- Manufactures and distributes variety of cutting and accessory products. Focus is on band saws for metal and woodworking industries. Additional lines include saw blades, coolants, and screen printing equipment.
 Wittmann Tools -- German supplier of band, hole and power hack saws.
 Wright Machine Tool -- Distributes range of carbide saw sharpening and tipping equipment. Includes top, face, side, and profile sharpeners, as well as inspection units.
 Yeong Jong Industrial Co., Ltd -- Taiwan. Manufacturers of micro computer paper cutting machinery.
 Ying Chang Machinery Co. Ltd. -- Taiwan. Manufactures processing machinery for cutting, drilling, bevelling, sanding, and polishing glass. Applications include giftware, furniture, autos, buildings, and glass shield and scanning lenses.

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